As an experienced singer, songwriter and performer, Joel Weldon was no stranger to a microphone. And the day in 2001 when an Ad Exec for Toyota dealers said he'd like the audio engineer named Joel to voice a Camry TV spot, a new career was born.

Since that appointed day, the voice of Joel Weldon has graced the audio track of thousands of projects of all kinds. From part time side job 10 years ago, to now voicing projects for many clients nationally, his talents as an effective and extremely versatile Voiceover Artist 'speak' for themselves. His ability to transcend styles from real guy, movie trailer, promo, young, old, cowboy, sophisticate.....you name it, has endeared him to producers and clients all across the country. For a quick video demo, click here!

He is based in the Los Angeles area, and works primarily from his professionally outfitted studio with state-of-the-art gear over ISDN, Source Connect, and phone patch.

Listen to the Demos and tour the Gallery section for real examples of his work. Then choose him to voice your next project. You'll love the sound of success.